The company was founded solely by Sadaichi Furusawa in May of 1982 (Meiji 25) and incorporated in 1955 (Showa 30), which stand till this day. Its business includes production and sales of authentic shochu "Yaezakura" and popular Nichinan  Kaigan souvenir "Funetokuri". Our quality control help sustain the smooth taste and fresh buzz made possible by the rich and beautiful water and patient efforts. Locals also love our sweet cooking sake MIRIN "Ikebezuru".


 "Yaezakura" has acclaimed fame for its taste, being awarded the Kumamoto Regional Taxation Bureau Sake Awards 12 years in a row, as well as gold  awards at the 10th and 11th Annual Japan Sake Awards.


Characteristic :

Enjoy our good old "homemade" taste. We are proud to be the only dozo-zukuri (earthen-wall storehouse) brewery in the prefecture since its founding, using kojibuta (wooden tray for making malt) in kojimuro (heated room for making malt) for the duration of its long history. Furusawa Jozo has persistently sustained its homemade style that thrives with natural features and climate of the land.Unrefined sake is fermented in bisque-fired giant pots, and raw material is carefully selected from those baked by the strong Nichinan sun. We combine traditional family skills and new technology to distill every single pot with the minutest care to achieve true and authentic taste.It is rich and full in flavor and aroma,one that is perfect for Oyuwari (with hot water), Mizuwari (with cold water), on the rocks, or however you want it to give you a crisp and fresh buzz.

Drink into Entrancement;

Wake into Refreshment

- Nichinan Shochu YAEZAKURA


Engraves Into Your Heart – YAEZAKURA